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The Tonyve Farms logo is simple, yet stylish. Our corporate colours are green and gold with an alternate touch of white. The green colour represents agricultural revolution, distinction and brightness, which represents the farm’s total belief in the potentials of the agricultural sector.

The gold colour connotes wealth and royalty, which portrays our belief in Agriculture as a source to create wealth and massive decent jobs in the agricultural food chain. The white colour, which features in our alternate logo, emboldens our simplistic, yet classy mien. The leaf talks about our simplicity and how every big dream, like Tonyve Farms, starts with just a vision, which ultimately resonates in our belief of continuous growth and development.

Our slogan of “healthy food, healthy Africa” simply drives our message that Africa can be food sufficient and raise a healthy population which will in turn contribute immensely to the development of other critical sectors of our everyday lives. Our commitment is to drive this vision with an unparalleled quality and excellence in delivery of our products and services to ensure we continually meet and surpass the expectations of our customers.

We are passionate about what we do and we believe in our people, as they are the critical stakeholders who will drive the delivery of quality service to our customers – those who ensure we remain in business. Our value system is guided by 2E2I acronym – Excellence, Empathy, Integrity and Innovativeness.